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nail art designs by Momo
Momo winning first at Nailpro's competition
Momo's picture
Momo is the name! 
I love what I do, and I can't wait to show you what I can do! 

You just have to try it to believe it. ​

I've been in the nail industry for 13 years, and I didn't really take nails seriously until 2012! I put my 4-years degree away, and signed myself up for the Nailpro Competition for the first time. (Just wanted to see where I stand, compare to those who are in the industry.) With a lot of hours of practice, I came in First! Probably beginner luck, but I love it so much every since.  

When a client comes to me, I'd like to give them an experience that make them want to brag to people, everywhere they go; an experience that different than anybody else's. Just seeing clients get excited over their nails is the best feeling for me!


I have a BIG tool box, filled with many glitz and glams... the combinations are endless! So, wether you want a simple manicure or a full blown design set of nails, I'm here for you! 

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